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March 15, 2009
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Space scene by hamesha Space scene by hamesha
Texture for planet : :iconabsolut3: [link]
Brushes : :iconsunira: and :iconfalln-stock:
Planet : :iconburning-liquid:
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I knew that I had to come back to visit your gallery again. Something like watching a movie a second time, you discover things that you had missed the first one. You're very good! You jump from one style to another and in all of them you land on your feet! Is there one that you prefer more or that makes you more comfortable?

This cozmic scene is excellent! very bright, and looks interesting, something hughe is happening there. I see that usually you use few stock elements but make a lot from them.

Hum, have I raved a little? Hope not.
I really don't deserve all these wonderful words...You are just too kind.
About the isn't a particular one.I usually do whatever pops into my mind.

The cosmic scene was a pain.A 5 hours pain to be exact.It was my homework for some Ps classes i was taking and i had to make a sci-fy book cover.I still think i went a little overboard...:D

Thank you so much,you really brightened up my day :tighthug:
Five hours doesn't seem that much. I think. For a homework this is great. Overboard? I wouldn't know, but I like it!

About the comments and all, well I'm just being honest. I do like your stuff. And I'm glad to be able to cheer you up. :w00t:
Thank you very much :hug:
You're a wonderful person,you know that? :love:
Lightoma Nov 18, 2009  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thats not a problem!!

5-6 hours?! wow but its worth something well done! 0_0!. Talk about books Im working for one now too...a kids book. And its sooo much fun drawing cute things haha. Im addicted, its easy too! ^_^

Oh my god, for a second I was excited and I looked through the link but......Thats not the one nooooo haha!.

Its hard to explain..umm look if I find it Ill let you know! ^__________^! I promise ^_^
That's so nice...What is it about?:)
Lightoma Nov 19, 2009  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Its based on a true Australian story about a little baby galah named gus. It was raised by a lady called aunty hazel after having him fall on her lap when he was a baby. He grew up to be really smart and helpfull to people, hes also a hero (kinda exaggerating the story there haha). After having a long adventure he becomes a galah of one of the kind.

Half of the story is still under process though, however the reall side of things is what really happened. The lady is called hazel, while she was having a picnic the little bird fell on her lap, so she raised him as her own. I saw the reall gus, beautiful bird..and smart but naughty most of the time haha. he doesnt like men which is quiet

pretty simple story dont you think?, but I guess its gonna be great for little youngsters out there hopefully! ^_^.
That's soooo nice...:D
Good luck with it!
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